How to prepare for management entrance tests?


How to prepare for management entrance tests?

If you plan to get a MBA degree then it is advisable to get into a bachelor’s course which has at least one of the business subjects.  Although, holding a bachelors degree in a business subject is not a compulsion.

The MBA entrance exam will not be looking for your knowledge in any particular subject but it evaluates you on your overall ability. So it is advisable to pay greater attention on language, grammar and logical reasoning etc.

It is essential to appear for mock tests. It helps you understand the different types of papers and enables you to realize your weaknesses and strengths so that you can improve.

Once you start appearing for mock tests, try noting down your mistakes and make sure that you don’t repeat them.

While preparing for MBA, you should keep in mind that studying strategically is what makes the difference between the ones who make it to the IIMs and others. So don’t underestimate any section and distribute equal time to each and practice.

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