Plan SeekS Victory (PSV)

Industry Interface

Plan SeekS Victory (PSV)

Date: 08 Mar, 2016
  • SEMINAR: To encourage startups and business Ideas among students. Some guest speakers would be coming to give some tips and motivation to students for developing their own ideas for entrepreneurship.
  • COMPETITION: An interesting way to implement own idea for the betterment of it. Through competition students will get to know, if the idea is ready for the outer world or not. They will get to know more about the real world through research. It will be followed by two rounds.
  • PSV program opened on 8th March 2016. Motivational speakers Mr. Sourish Ghosh      and Mr. Subhashis Dutt, of Mohendra Dutt & Sons visited our campus and   enlightened the B School students on different dimensions of entrepreneurship.

Our students with the guest speakers

Mr. Subhashis Dutt addressing our students

Mr. Sourish Ghosh addressing our students