Post Graduate Diploma in Management   (E-COMM)


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (E-COMM)

2 Years - Full Time

E-Business has come a long way in the last few decades, and is poised to see a quantum jump as the average annual spend on online purchases per individual grow in the near future. At a rapid pace, e-business is harnessing new techniques to make online selling and online shopping a lot more efficient and convenient. The program is futuristic and built around the domain of e-commerce business, and will expose the students to the best global practices followed across all the facets of the business. It would also provide the necessary skill sets required to be part of the workforce joining the segment. Students would be exposed to the fundamental concepts in e-commerce, digital design and communication, online marketing, advertising and promotion, technologies in e-business, legal aspects of ecommerce, and fundamentals of startup business to facilitate entrepreneurship. After undergoing the program, students will gain skills that modern businesses demand in their employees, develop ability to manage the technical aspects of an e-commerce website paired with knowledge about marketing approaches and sales strategies make e-commerce scholars uniquely qualified for a variety of jobs in the business field.