What are the career prospects after MBA in IT?


What are the career prospects after MBA in IT?

With experience, a MBA in Information Technology can go on to become Information Systems Managers, Chief Technology Officers and Systems Analysts. MBAs in IT attain jobs titles such as

  • Business Development Executive/Manager: The key areas being account management, pre-sales and technical sales in an IT product or service provider Company.
  • Project Manager: The key planner and manager of the overall project. This can be a short term project or a long term key revenue earning project.
  • Business Analyst /Analytics Manager: The number cruncher who will ideally be able to identify the real reasons for a business pattern. This involves skills in various analytical domains. This is one of the highest paid jobs in this field.
  • Marketing Manager: Marketing and branding related functions for IT Assets and services.
  • System Manager: They implement IT in an organization; oversee a team of IT professionals and overall planning, installation & maintenance of the same.

Non-IT Job titles include senior product manager, technical program manager and technical product manager, consultant to name a few. For information on career prospects with MBA, send an e-mail with your queries to this link:


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