How does a student prepare for MBA admissions after graduation?


How does a student prepare for MBA admissions after graduation?

After completing graduation, you get around 4-5 months of time to prepare for the MBA exams. You can study from a coaching centre in that time and prepare yourself in the following ways: Start working on your communication ability and your language skills. For spellings, correct vocabulary and grammatical usage, always consult a standard Dictionary […]

How to choose best MBA College in Kolkata?

These are some of the important tips that everyone should follow in order to choose the best MBA Colleges /Institutes in Kolkata. University Affiliation: One should choose a media college which should be accredited or certified by education bodies or various councils like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (Formerly known as West Bengal […]

How do I prepare for GD and PI for MBA admission?

Group discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT) are an integral part of the MBA admission process. Here’s how you can prepare for each of them.   Group Discussions Be updated about current and international affairs, and issues affecting India and the world, etc, so that you can speak your opinion and […]

Is a part-time MBA somewhat equal to a full-time one?

At every point in our careers we need to do a self assessment of how far we have achieved our goals and ambitions. We often miss out on better opportunities only because the primary qualification for a higher post is MBA.  A full time education course at this juncture can’t be continued without severely compromising […]

How to prepare for management entrance tests?

If you plan to get a MBA degree then it is advisable to get into a bachelor’s course which has at least one of the business subjects.  Although, holding a bachelors degree in a business subject is not a compulsion. The MBA entrance exam will not be looking for your knowledge in any particular subject […]

What are the career prospects after MBA in Human Resources (HR)?

Human Resources Management is the process of recruiting, orienting, training and appraising employees of an organization. An HR manager deals with organizational structure, morals, motivations and overall employee engagement. Career Prospects after MBA in HR include: HR/ Personnel Executive/ Manager: An integral part of the human resources department of any company. One starts as an […]

What are the career prospects after MBA in Finance?

MBA Finance specialization is designed to offer students with the means to gain exposure in five major areas in the field of finance. These areas include Financial institutions, Corporate finance, Investments, Insurance, Personal financial planning. Finance careers after MBA Finance in Public Sector includes Business Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Personal Financial Planning. Finance Careers […]

What are the career prospects after MBA in IT?

With experience, a MBA in Information Technology can go on to become Information Systems Managers, Chief Technology Officers and Systems Analysts. MBAs in IT attain jobs titles such as Business Development Executive/Manager: The key areas being account management, pre-sales and technical sales in an IT product or service provider Company. Project Manager: The key planner […]