NSHM is where information and ideas flow freely in an open and friendly atmosphere – a “Knowledge Hub of Global Excellence” in which students learn, share, shine and have fun.

NSHM delivers new and more engaging models of knowledge management and education across campuses thereby creating a fresh, vibrant and innovative learning environment.

Our vision is to set up a knowledge hub where careers follow students and not the other way round. That is why within ten years, NSHM Knowledge has successfully created industry-ready professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs.

All courses of NSHM are advanced in nature and in sync with the global industry and are delivered by top faculties using world-class infrastructure that combines practical hands-on training, classroom teaching and e-learning tools and extra-curricular activities.

We believe that “an ounce of experience is worth a ton of theory”. We at NSHM constantly strive for innovation and excellence that manifests itself in the perfect blend of imagination and process, idea and execution. Our courses perfectly blend in with the needs of the industry and beyond.

Our Motto, “To deliver innovative education products and services to bring out industry-ready professionals, researchers, advanced learners, educators and entrepreneurs, who can take best care of people, planet and profit.”